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Einen kleinen Jungen auf, Opfer findet, versuchen will, muss sich allein dorthin und am Fue einer Drama, Thriller, Serien, Dokumentationen. Jungen nach und vor Armut, kritisiert die mrderischen Visual Novel - Trickfilme an.

Bobby Singer

Nachdem das Tor zur Hölle wieder geschlossen wurde, spielt Bobby nun eine große Rolle im Leben der Winchesters. Dabei landet er im Rollstuhl. Read Bobby Singer from the story Highway to Hell by Heda_Targaryen with 56 reads. übernatürlich, jäger, sam. Der Wecker klingelte bereits Früh, um 6 Uhr. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an bobby singer an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden.

Bobby Singer Inhaltsverzeichnis

Robert Steven Singer ist eine fiktive Figur in der Horror-Drama-Fernsehserie Supernatural von The CW Television Network, die von Jim Beaver porträtiert wird. Bobby wurde nach dem ausführenden Produzenten der Show benannt und tritt erstmals im. Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer war ein Jäger, ein enger Freund und über die Zeit eine Vaterfigur für. Bobby Singer war ein Jäger und ein Mitglied vom Camp Chitaqua Widerstand während der Apokalypse. Nachdem das Tor zur Hölle wieder geschlossen wurde, spielt Bobby nun eine große Rolle im Leben der Winchesters. Dabei landet er im Rollstuhl. Bobby Singer ist wie Sam und Dean ein Dämonen- und Monsterjäger. Er fungiert durch sein großes Wissen eher als Berater und Vaterfigur. Jim Beaver – Wikipedia. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an bobby singer an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden.

Bobby Singer

Read Bobby Singer from the story Highway to Hell by Heda_Targaryen with 56 reads. übernatürlich, jäger, sam. Der Wecker klingelte bereits Früh, um 6 Uhr. Nachdem das Tor zur Hölle wieder geschlossen wurde, spielt Bobby nun eine große Rolle im Leben der Winchesters. Dabei landet er im Rollstuhl. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an bobby singer an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden.

I'm pretty much all its got. As Jack uses his powers to manipulate the images he is entertaining the children with, Bobby asks Mary about what Jack is and is shocked to learn that Jack is a Nephilim.

Because of what angels have done to the humans in Apocalypse World, Bobby is angry that Mary brought a Nephilim into his colony and orders Jack gone by morning.

When Mary states that she must leave too then, Bobby simply tells Mary that its her choice and shows a belief that Jack will turn on them like the angels did one by one after the Apocalypse began.

The next morning, as Mary and Jack prepare to leave, angels led by Zachariah arrive to attack the colony. Finding Mary and Jack, Bobby blames Jack's use of his powers for how the angels found them and gives Mary a gun, presumably loaded with angel-killing bullets and orders to help evacuate as many kids as she can find through the colony's escape tunnels.

Bobby angrily rejects Jack's offer of help and leaves to fight the attacking angels as Mary goes to evacuate the children and Jack goes to hide.

As the fight continues, Bobby arrives in time to witness Jack combust Zachariah to save Mary's life. Spotting three more angels flying in , Bobby warns Jack and watches as Jack combusts the angels in mid-air.

In the aftermath, Bobby thanks Jack for his help in saving the colony. Jack explains that he knew Sam and Dean wouldn't run and would instead stand and fight so he had to do the same.

Jack announces to Bobby and Mary that to end the war and save what's left of humanity in Apocalypse World, he has to kill Michael. Jack's decision earns shock from Bobby and the others.

In Unfinished Business , Bobby is mentioned as being away and returning in a few days. When Jack pushes to attack Michael, Mary repeatedly insists that they wait for Bobby to return to help.

In Exodus , after the Winchesters return to Apocalypse World, they suggest to Mary that they evacuate the resistance through the rift to the Men of Letters bunker for safety until such time as they can come up with a way to defeat Michael.

Mary leads her sons to the resistance base which they are shocked to find is in the Apocalypse World version of Singer Auto Salvage, but which is not located in Sioux Falls.

Approaching the brothers, Bobby comments that unlike their Bobby, he doesn't like the idea of freezing during the winter.

Bobby tells them that Arthur Ketch and Charlie Bradbury are out on a mission and expresses doubt about the reception to their plan, including by himself.

After the Winchesters make their pitch to the resistance leaders, Bobby watches from the rear of the tent but doesn't say anything. Afterwards, Bobby approaches them with news that Arthur and Charlie been captured.

Bobby helps to find the resistance traitor and watches the interrogation, not intervening when Castiel tortures the man to get him to talk.

Following the rescue of Arthur and Charlie, Bobby tells the Winchesters the surprising result of the vote on their plan: everyone voted to go, including Bobby himself.

Bobby admits that despite the craziness of their plan, he trusts the Winchesters and helps lead the exodus of his people through the rift to the Main Universe.

Later, at a party celebrating everyone making it to the bunker, Bobby leads a toast to the Winchesters in thanks for them giving he and his people a safe haven.

Bobby makes it clear that he considers Sam and Dean part of the family and one of his people for what they have done.

After learning about the problems with the Main Universe, Bobby makes a joke about how the Main Universe is that bad and yet the Winchesters call his world Apocalypse World.

Later, Bobby walks through the forest near the bunker with Mary, discussing the state of things. Bobby tells Mary that even if they can reopen the rift, many of the refugees have grown to like the Main Universe so much they might not want to leave, Bobby included.

As they walk, the two find the murdered body of Maggie who has apparently been murdered by a human. Bobby joins the investigation into the murder and is shocked when Jack returns to the bunker with Lucifer to resurrect Maggie.

When Michael suddenly attacks the bunker, the Winchesters order Bobby and Mary to flee through the garage. Though reluctant, the two follow the order.

After Lucifer's death, the two return to the bunker to find Castiel alone, Dean having consented to Michael in order to battle Lucifer. As the two look around, Castiel simply gives them a sad shake of his head.

In Stranger in a Strange Land , Bobby has taken to teach Jack on how to actually fight with Bobby knocking him to the ground.

After Jack remarks on how he never actually had to learn how to fight when he used to have his powers and how different the experience is, Bobby reassures him that fighting did not come easy to him neither and encourages him to keep training before they resumed their sparring session.

Later Bobby joins Sam's team to rescue Castiel from the demon Kipling. After Jack and Maggie are captured by Kipling's demons and held hostage during the meeting.

He and Mary burst in, he saves Jack from a demon that was overpowering him and helps him to his feet. He is then overpowered by another demon and struggles with him briefly, until Sam kills Kipling and orders for the other demons to stop.

Bobby watches in shock as Sam forcefully abolishes the position of Ruler of Hell and the demons flee their vessels in their smoke forms.

He and Mary are shown drinking together and laughing with each other over the case. On the case, Bobby uses outdated speech until Sam corrects him. He complains about being rusty since he was in a war for a decade.

The trio soon find that the recent victims are monsters and that Michael is near. When the group head to a location, they are attacked by Michael's enhanced werewolves and Mary finds they are now immune to silver but not decapitation.

Bobby is attacked by one before he is rescued by Mary. The group locate a weakened Dean who was freed of possession, though relieved to find him he is skeptical on where Michael is but Dean doesn't know.

During Nightmare Logic , he and Mary went to search for Maggie after she went missing on a case at a funeral home. The two encountered Sam and Dean along the way, they felt they had no reason to explain but decided to work together.

After he learned Sam was the one who sent Maggie off alone, Bobby criticized his leadership before they split up. Bobby was paired with Dean and expected that him to believe he was too harsh, though Dean somewhat agreed but said Sam needed to take it easy.

As they worked, Bobby spotted a manifestation of his fears regarding his son Daniel, he followed him but lost sight. He soon returned to find Dean had killed a manifestation of a vampire.

The copy of Daniel had burned out eyes, similar to a victim of an angel smiting and brutally beat his father before shoving him up against a tree and stabbing him through the shoulder with an angel blade.

Daniel claimed that the angels had crucified him "piece by piece" and went to stab Bobby with another angel blade before they were interrupted by Mary Winchester.

Daniel advanced on Mary who shot him several times to no effect. Daniel tackled Mary to the ground and began strangling her to death.

Distressed, Bobby removed the angel blade from his shoulder, tackled Daniel to the ground and apologized to his son before stabbing the manifestation through the heart with the angel blade, causing it to explode into dust.

Once Dean killed Neil and Sam found Maggie, the group returned to the bunker where Bobby had his injuries treated.

Nel corso del tempo, lo spirito di Bobby inizia cerca vendetta sul suo assassino e sulla strada per questo quasi uccide Sam.

L'eroe stesso ha spiegato l'ingiustizia di queste parole: "Fate i mali apparentemente piccole, poi a fare un sacco di bene, ma a volte il male viene dannatamente arrabbiato … E … bene per lui a pagare un prezzo esorbitante …".

Questo appartiene a l'anima di Bobby. Una volta in un inferno, Singer continuamente sofferto il peggio, la tortura per lui: ha visto Sam e Dean diventano demoni.

Qui voleva rispedire a soffrire Crowley, ma l'angelo Naomi ha aiutato a ottenere mentore Winchester al cielo. Nella decima stagione della serie citato, in particolare, su questo eroe.

E 'stato probabilmente il suo castoro ha ereditato la passione per la scrittura. Dopo la laurea diversi anni Beaver cercato senza successo di avere successo nella professione.

Ha fatto un giro con le compagnie teatrali in tutto il paese ed i materiali raccolti per un libro biografico di George Reeves. Presto, un nuovo drammaturgo di talento diventa l'autore dello script per diverse serie americana.

Negli anni successivi, Jim ha giocato simultaneamente in tre serie televisiva "Supernatural", "John from Cincinnati" e "Big Love". Negli ultimi anni, l'attore ha recitato in alcuni episodi della serie televisiva popolare "The Mentalist", "Psych", "Lie to Me", "Dexter" e altri.

In primo luogo legato il nodo attore durante gli studi universitari. Da questo matrimonio, l'attore ha una figlia Medelin Rouz Beaver.

Come il suo eroe, attore, combattuto, gli piace leggere molto e ha perso la donna che amava. Arte e Intrattenimento film.

I migliori film italiani: il nome, le descrizioni, storie, valutazioni e recensioni. Ruoli e gli attori di "Star Wars". Dzhon Dzheymson, e The Wolfman.

Latest posts. Prodotti alimentari e bevande. Arte e Intrattenimento. La vettura leggendaria: "Supernatural" ha prodotto il popolare Impala Arte e Intrattenimento.

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Bobby Singer

Crowley had a son named Gavin MacLeod , who's signet ring is now on display in a museum in Andover. Rufus steals the ring for Bobby, but is arrested.

Meanwhile, Bobby has been getting flak from Dean, who feels like Bobby is being selfish because he doesn't have time to listen to his worries about Sam.

Bobby gets angry and has Dean put him on speaker so that he can talk to both Sam and Dean at once:. As a favor to Bobby, Sheriff Mills extradites Rufus and allows him to "escape custody" so that Rufus can deliver the signet ring to Bobby.

Bobby uses the ring to summon Gavin's ghost, and they "have a chat. Crowley repeats his position that he won't give Bobby his soul, but Bobby counters by revealing his son Gavin's ghost.

Fergus, aka Crowley, and Gavin hated each other, and Gavin gave Bobby all the information he wanted about Crowley, including where his bones were buried.

Bobby then hands Crowley the phone so that he can talk to Dean, who tells him that he and Sam are standing over Crowley's bones in Scotland.

Bobby makes Crowley an offer: his bones in exchange for Bobby's soul, and Crowley agrees. Bobby makes sure that he will still have the use of his legs before releasing him from the Devil's trap.

Crowley appears in Scotland moments later, picks up his bones, and disappears. Bobby then thanks Sam and Dean for flying to Scotland and helping him get his soul back.

He also apologizes for the things he said earlier in the episode, but Sam and Dean tell him that he was right and that they had been taking him for granted.

Dean calls Bobby and confides in him about Sam's questionable actions in 6. He asks Bobby to research possible causes for Sam's strange behavior because he is convinced that his brother is not himself, but Bobby can't find anything specific and is worried that Sam has simply changed into a colder, less compassionate person.

After Dean invokes Veritas ' curse , he calls Bobby to test it. Bobby is compelled to tell Dean a few interesting truths, including the fact that Bobby occasionally gets a pedicure, that he is a fan of Tori Spelling, and that Dean is his favorite of the two brothers Although Sam is the better hunter at the moment.

Dean hangs up when Bobby starts discussing his first girlfriend, who "turned out to be a-". After discovering that a dog, Lucky , is a skinwalker , Sam calls Bobby for an update on skinwalker characteristics.

Dean informs Sam and Bobby about his deal with Death to return Sam's soul if Dean can wear his ring and perform his duties for a full twenty four hours.

Sam tries to prevent Dean from getting Death's ring, which was buried on Bobby's property, but Dean gets there first. He asks Bobby to watch Sam for him, and then disappears after putting on Death's ring.

Sam sneaks away to summon the angel Balthazar , who tells him that he can prevent the return of his soul if he pollutes his body using a spell. The spell requires Sam to commit patricide Sam returns to Bobby's house, claiming that he just went for a drive.

The two play cards, and Bobby offers to get Sam a beer. Sam quietly follows Bobby into the kitchen, but Bobby knocks him out before he can attack.

Sam comes to and escapes before Bobby can imprison him. The two hunters stalk each other through the house.

Bobby hides in his hall closet and Sam attacks the door with an axe. Cornered, Bobby triggers a trap door beneath Sam, who crashes into the basement below.

Bobby and Sam talk through the locked door. Sam manages to break out while Bobby is speaking. Bobby follows a trail of blood in search of Sam, but Sam comes up behind him and incapacitates Bobby with a whack to the head.

Bobby awakes tied to a chair above spell glyphs painted on the floor. Sam holds a large knife and raises it to kill Bobby, but Dean reappears and attacks Sam, saving Bobby.

Bobby and Dean tie Sam up in the panic room. They discuss his fate in grim terms, as both of them know that Sam will eventually escape, and that he could do anything.

Death appears to Dean, and to his surprise agrees to return Sam's soul despite Dean's failure. Death disappears, and then reappears in the panic room.

Bobby and Dean watch in shock as Death pushes Sam's soul back into his body while Sam screams in agony. Ten days after Death returns his soul, Sam wakes up, enters Bobby's living room, and hugs both Dean and Bobby.

He has no memory of the last year and a half. Dean is glad, and is willing to let Sam believe that he has just now been returned to Earth.

Bobby and Dean discuss that matter later in the salvage yard. Bobby is in favor of telling the truth, insisting that Sam will find out the truth eventually, and he deserves to hear the truth from them.

He agrees to remain quiet as Dean persists. Bobby is having difficulty moving past soulless Sam's attempt to kill him, and is not sure that this Sam is entirely separate from the previous version.

Bobby finds an incident involving kidnapped girls that has supernatural overtones, and he and Dean plan to investigate.

Sam asks to go along, and Bobby backs away from the hunt, giving an excuse about needing to man the phones for Rufus Turner. Dean calls Bobby later when they speculate that dragons are behind the disappearances.

Bobby calls back with the name of an expert, Dr. Eleanor Visyak. It appears that Bobby and the doctor had a relationship, which she accuses Bobby of messing up.

Sam calls Bobby for help in finding the dragons' layer, and though he asks, Bobby remains silent on the last year and a half. Sam and Dean return to Bobby's house after freeing the victims with an unusual book.

Bobby determines that it is made of human skin. He is able to read some of it, though the Latin is obscure and difficult.

He finds references to Purgatory , and to the " Mother of All". Dean calls Bobby to find out if he's learned anything more about Mother.

We do not hear from Bobby himself, but Dean tells Sam what Bobby says: he doesn't have anything solid and things are quiet. Bobby tells Sam and Dean about a string of supernatural activity along I80 which has culminated in murders in Sandusky, Ohio.

While they are tracking investigating the deaths they also encounter Rufus, who joins in the hunt. However things get tense when they encounter Samuel and Gwen Campbell.

The creature responsible for the deaths - the Khan worm - infects Dean who kills Gwen, and then it infects Samuel. Finally it infects Bobby who kills Rufus while possessed.

Sam and Dean restrain the possessed Bobby, which speaks to them using Bobby's voice. Finally they kill it by electrocution. After the creature is killed, Bobby, Sam and Dean bury Rufus.

As cremation is not undertaken in the Jewish tradition, Rufus is buried, in what is obviously a Jewish cemetery, rather than given a Hunter's Funeral Pyre.

Bobby pours some of Rufus' favorite drink -- Johnny Walker Blue Label -- on the grave before taking a drink himself. At the beginning of the episode Bobby has not been sleeping since the death of Rufus, and is researching and drinking in his living room.

Sam and Dean try to convince him to take it easy, but he will not listen to them, and is not interested in going with them on their next job.

Ellen arrives after the brothers leave, and starts putting things in order. Sam and Dean call Bobby later about their case, and reveal that if the Titanic sinks, Ellen and Jo die.

Distressed, Bobby insists that the one thing they must do is keep this timeline intact. Later, when Ellen suggests that the ship needs to be sunk, Bobby reveals her fate, and admits that he does not want to lose her.

At the end of the episode, with the timeline restored, Sam and Dean find Bobby alone is his living room, sleeping on his sofa.

Dean covers him with a blanket. Bobby accompanies Sam and Dean to the Campbell Compound , where they search the family library for ways of defeating Eve.

Bobby finds a mention of phoenix ashes as a weapon against "mother", and Dean finds Samuel Colt 's journal, which records that the Colt killed a phoenix in Dean prays for Castiel.

At first only his lieutenant Rachel appears, but Castiel eventually comes and agrees to transport Sam and Dean back in time to collect the ashes, but warns them that they can have only twenty-four hours, or they will be trapped.

He then instructs Bobby to pray for him as the deadline approaches. Bobby starts a timer. Some time later a wounded Castiel appears on Bobby's kitchen floor and draws a blood sigil on his refrigerator.

Bobby asks if they are fighting or running, and tries to help Castiel to his feet, but the angel passes out and Bobby lays him on a sofa. When he wakes, Bobby asks what the sigil was for, and Castiel reveals that it wards off angels.

He tells Bobby that Rachel attacked him. Bobby reminds him that it is almost time to bring back the Winchesters, but Castiel has been too weakened by the fight.

The only way to retrieve them is for him to touch Bobby's soul, and tap its power, but he could cause Bobby to explode. Bobby agrees to take the risk for Sam and Dean.

He sits with a belt between his teeth as Castiel reaches into his chest. Sam and Dean return without the ashes and ask to be sent back, but Castiel and Bobby are not strong enough to make that possible.

Suddenly a delivery man arrives at Bobby's door with a package from Samuel Colt, who arranged for the ashes to be delivered years later. The town shows no obvious signs of trouble, so Bobby uses an iPod to search for any unusual occurrences.

Sam and Bobby go to the doctor's house, but he is missing. A sheriff's officer arrives and questions them, so they pretend to be FBI.

Bobby asks the officer to put out an APB on the doctor, and promises to drop by the station later to talk. Later, the four go to a bar where Eve has made hybrid monsters which quickly died.

Sam, Cas, and Bobby are caught by the sheriff's officers and taken to the station. Sam realizes the officers are monsters, and with a surprise attack from Dean they manage to overpower them.

Sam and Dean leave to deliver two apparently innocent boys to their uncle. Bobby interrogates and tortures the lone surviving hybrid with Castiel.

The angel asks to be left alone with the officer, and emerges a few moments later with Eve's location. Bobby and Castiel wait outside the diner where Eve is hiding, but are captured by her minions and brought inside.

Dean tricks and kills Eve, but she first reveals that Crowley is alive, and that one of the boys Sam and Dean 'saved' is a monster.

They go after the kids, and Bobby finds their bodies behind a door, with evidence of demons. Bobby tortures a demon for information on Crowley's whereabouts, and cautions Sam and Dean that while Castiel has helped them in the past, they may be dealing with a "a Superman who's gone darkside.

The three go looking for the demon, but when they get there the place is empty. Three of Crowley's minions attack, and Castiel appears, saving them.

The four discuss the situation, and Castiel accidentally reveals that he has been spying on them by repeating Bobby's "Superman" comment.

He leaves, and when they later pray for his return, Bobby traps him in a circle of holy fire. They argue, and when a cloud of demons appears Sam, Dean, and Bobby flee at Castiel's insistence.

Bobby later puts Enochian sigils on the windows of his home to keep out Castiel, but there are some errors in the marks. Bobby discovers that Castiel made off with one of the Campbell family diaries, but Bobby, a self-described "paranoid bastard", made a copy.

The book retells the attempt by H. Lovecraft to open a portal to another dimension. Bobby meets with a Lovecraft collector, Judah, posing as a magazine writer.

He discovers that Castiel got there first. Judah had a number of letters written by Lovecraft, but when Bobby asks to see them, they are missing.

He then meets with a man named Westborough , who was a boy staying at Lovecraft's house the night the portal opened.

Castiel has also spoken to him. Bobby asks about the portal, and Westborough says the portal did open, and that something invisible came through, possessing his mother.

Bobby expresses his sympathy, and Westborough shows him a picture of his mother. Bobby recognizes Eleanor Visyak. He finds her at a cabin, and shows her the picture.

She admits that she came from Purgatory. Bobby feels somewhat betrayed, as the two had a relationship and she never revealed what she was.

He asks her about how the portal to Purgatory was opened, but she will not answer, as she is afraid of what could happen. Bobby warns her that Castiel is looking for her, and that if he could find her, an angel could.

She says that he cannot protect her. She is her own best hope. Bobby receives a call from Eleanor, and takes Sam and Dean to meet with her in an alley.

They find. She tells them she was tortured by a demon and an angel, and was forced to reveal the ritual that will open Purgatory.

She dies, and Castiel appears behind them. He says he is sorry that this was necessary, and that Crowley got carried away.

A furious Bobby does not believe him. Castiel touches Sam's face, removing the wall in his mind. Bobby and Dean take Sam to the panic room and cover it with angel proofing.

Bobby reminds Dean that Castiel wants them distracted by what is happening to Sam, and that they need to be prepared to stop Castiel and Crowley.

Balthazar arrives and gives them Castiel's location. He is not prepared to take them there, however.

Bobby and Dean leave Sam in the room, and take the Impala to the address they have been given. They see angels guarding the building. As the scout it, a cloud of demons rockets into sight.

They climb back into the car for cover, and the cloud flips them over and then attacks the angels. Bobby and Dean manage to climb out, and sneak into the building.

Crowley and Raphael are attempting the ritual to open Purgatory , and they attempt to kill Raphael with an angel blade. Raphael catches the thrown blade, and Crowley knocks them down telekinetically.

They complete the ritual, but nothing happens. Castiel arrives, having conducted his own successful ritual. Crowley vanishes, and Castiel kills Raphael.

In the conversation that follows, Castiel reveals that he will not give up the souls he has taken in, and Sam tries unsuccessfully to kill him.

Castiel says that he is a new god, and tells Sam, Dean, and Bobby to venerate him, or be destroyed. In the aftermath of Castiel 's transformation, Bobby, after a moment's pause, gets down on his knees to appease the new God , and orders the Winchesters to do the same.

Castiel stops them, and tells Bobby to stand, because they only fear him, and do not love him. He leaves, and Bobby, Sam and Dean retreat to Bobby's house.

Bobby helps Dean repair the Impala while watching for signs of Castiel's appearances. Together, the three of them decide to bind Death in order to defeat Castiel, and after summoning Crowley for information, they set about working the spell.

Bobby locates a fulgurite , one of the ingredients they need, and they break into the owners' house to get it.

Bobby reads the incantation, and Death appears, irritated and bound. Castiel also arrives, but frees Death before he can be killed. Later, Sam prays to Castiel to come to them before it is too late.

Castiel listens, and arrives at Bobby's house. They all return to Crowley's lab. They prepare the ritual to reopen Purgatory ; Bobby encourages Castiel, who is being torn apart by the things inside him, to hold on with a pat on the shoulder.

Bobby reads the incantation, and Purgatory opens, allowing Castiel to give up the souls. He slumps to the ground, and Bobby suspects him to be dead, but Castiel awakens.

Before they can leave, his body is taken over by Leviathans who have remained inside him. The creatures throw Bobby and Dean around the room.

The Leviathans occupying Castiel's vessel are causing him to melt away quickly, so they retreat to the local reservoir.

Bobby, Dean, and Sam follow in time to see Castiel disappear and a film of leviathans spread out in the water, going in all directions.

Once again, they retreat to Bobby's house to regroup. Bobby and Dean question Sam about his disappearance at Crowley's lab, and discover that he is hallucinating, seeing Lucifer.

They try to help him understand that Lucifer is not real. In his kitchen, Bobby asks Dean how he is doing in the midst of Castiel's disappearance and likely death, and Sam's trauma.

Dean tries to brush it off, but Bobby is not fooled. Bobby stays with Sam to work the phones and watch the younger Winchester while Dean goes to investigate a case.

While Dean is gone, Bobby gets a call on his personal cellphone from Sheriff Jody Mills , who is recovering from an appendectomy at the local hospital.

She has seen a doctor eating a patient, and knows it is Bobby's kind of thing. Bobby goes to the hospital and gets the sheriff out, sending her home in a cab before returning to investigate.

He finds the body of the sheriff's hospital roommate in the morgue, opens her up, and sees that her organs are missing.

A Leviathan comes after him in the morgue. Bobby shoots him with silver buckshot, but with little effect. Bobby retreats and calls the Winchesters from the car, telling them he is on his way home with a monster chasing him.

They agree to meet him. Sam is unconscious and Dean, after having his broken leg set, is drugged. Bobby appears in Dean's room, posing as a hospital administrator.

He tells Dean to meet him in the ambulance bay and tosses him a pair of crutches. Bobby leaves to find Sam, and discovers him on a gurney being wheeled away from an MRI.

Bobby assumes control of the gurney, saying that Sam's medical insurance has lapsed and he will be sent to the county hospital for treatment instead.

He puts a still unconscious Sam in the back of an ambulance, and nervously waits for Dean to appear. Two leviathans spot the ambulance, and start running toward it.

Dean climbs in the passenger seat and they speed away just in time. Three weeks later, Bobby is in hiding with the brothers at Rufus's cabin in Montana.

He is maintaining contact with his network of hunters to follow the Leviathans' movements. Bobby leaves the brothers to start reassembling the library he lost in the destruction of his house; Bobby kept copies of his rarest books hidden.

When Sam disappears to work a case on his own, Bobby encourages Dean to trust him in spite of his continued mental lapses.

He calls Sam several times himself, but gets no answer. Sam contacts Bobby to research some symbols recorded by a victim.

Bobby finds that they are Egyptian, and associated with Osiris. His research also suggests that Osiris can be made dormant if stabbed with a ram's horn.

Bobby is traveling, and has recovered some of his library. Sam and Dean consult with Bobby by phone about witches. He finds a spell for them, but unfortunately they use spoiled chicken feet, and the spell fails.

At the end of the episode, Sam and Dean are headed to a rendezvous with Bobby, the bound Chet in the back seat. Bobby has Chet strapped to a chair in the basement of Rufus's cabin.

He has been trying every weapon, from shotguns to acid, in unsuccessful attempts to kill the Leviathan. Chet is happy to answer his questions despite the attacks because he does not feel threatened.

When Bobby sees a news report about a killing spree in which Sam and Dean are suspects, Chet volunteers that the Leviathans shapeshifted into the brothers using hair from their hotel rooms.

Bobby sends the brothers off to Frank Devereaux , who can make them new fake IDs. He then goes back to work on Chet, who mocks all his efforts until Bobby beheads him with a machete.

There is a knock at the cabin door, and Bobby discovers Sheriff Mills behind it. He is puzzled, and does not know how to react when she invites herself in, and offers to help out around the cabin to repay Bobby for saving her at the hospital.

Bobby heads back to the basement as she starts fixing a meal, and sees Chet's head reattaching itself to his body.

He speaks with Sam and Dean, who are on their way to stop their Leviathan selves, and tells them that beheading will slow down the Leviathans, but is not a permanent fix.

Bobby accidentally brushes against Chet while wiring him for electric shocks, and Chet transforms into Bobby. He starts taunting Bobby about his life, which Chet views as pitiful.

Bobby is a dropout, a drunk like his father, and his favorite singer is Joni Mitchell, Chet jeers. The Leviathan calls him "10 pounds of sad in a 5-pound bag.

Bobby, he says, is interested in Sheriff Mills, and has a faint hope that one day the two of them might end up together. Bobby is initially irked, but grows calm.

He asks the Leviathan if in looking through Bobby's head it has encountered the name Robert Browning. Bobby quotes the poet: "a man's reach should exceed his grasp.

Its skin burns and it yells in pain. Bobby runs upstairs and finds Sheriff Mills on the floor with a sponge a bucket. She starts to apologize for spilling some of the liquid, but Bobby walks up and kisses her before she can say more.

He then asks urgently what was in the bucket. Later, Dean and Sam have been arrested, and Dean uses his one phone call to contact Bobby.

Bobby has used the sodium borate based cleaning chemical the sheriff was using to burn Chet's body severely, and has wrapped up his severed head and put it in a box.

He tells Dean to do the same to the other creatures. The brothers incapacitate their doppelgängers, and Bobby and Jody see them declared dead on the news.

As Jody is leaving Bobby thanks her, then hands her the box with Chet's head inside, and asks her to throw it off a bridge.

He kisses her on the cheek, and she smiles. He then goes to get Chet's body, and bury it in concrete. Suspicious of Sam's marriage to Becky Rosen , Dean calls Bobby for help, but Bobby is hunting a major nest of vampires in Oregon so he sends Garth instead despite Dean's reluctance to have another hunter that isn't Bobby help him.

Bobby and the brothers are staying in an abandoned house for fear that the Leviathans would be able to track them at a hotel.

Locals have been eaten by a monster of some kind, and Bobby speculates that these may be attacks by the fabled Jersey Devil. They then head into the woods to search for the monster.

Bobby does the tracking, and Dean reminds him that Bobby took them hunting - for deer - when they were children, though neither brother was willing to fire on one.

They find the remains of a deputy forest ranger, and call his supervisor, who then uses his radio to call back-up. However, before he can finish his broadcast the ranger is snatched and taken into the trees.

Bobby and the brothers follow, and Bobby orders them to turn off their flashlights and hold still. They hear the creature eating the ranger above them.

Bobby raises his gun and focuses on the sound above. He fires, and a zombie -like creature falls to the ground. They take it back to their base, where it wakes suddenly, apparently stunned but not killed by the first shot.

All three unload their weapons at the creature, and it dies. Sam and Bobby perform a crude autopsy and find evidence of a bizarre diet and massively enlarged adrenal glands.

At Dean's insistence they return to Biggerson's for dinner. Dean has been oddly obsessed with their turducken sandwich, and Bobby and Sam notice that all the other diners are equally enthralled, almost high.

They take the sandwich from Dean, refusing to let him finish. They take the leftovers home, where the remains of the sandwich dissolves into a puddle of goo.

Bobby, che prende il nome dal produttore esecutivo dello show , appare per la prima volta nel primo finale di stagione " Devil's Trap ".

I critici hanno risposto favorevolmente al personaggio. Salvager e proprietario di Singer Salvage Yard, Bobby Singer fu introdotto per la prima volta nel mondo soprannaturale quando sua moglie, Karen, fu posseduta da un demone.

La sua morte lo ha spinto a dedicare la sua vita alla caccia di creature soprannaturali. Bobby rifletteva che l'esempio di suo padre gli aveva lasciato paura di diventare lui stesso un uomo violento nel caso in cui diventasse un genitore cattivo quanto suo padre.

Dopo la morte di Mary Winchester , suo marito John divenne un cacciatore, alla fine alleandosi e imparando da Bobby. Anche se alla fine John prese le distanze da altri cacciatori o cadde fuori contatto con loro, in particolare Ellen Harvelle e Daniel Elkins, mantenne un rapporto professionale con Bobby.

Bobby fa il suo debutto nel primo finale di stagione "Devil's Trap", e si rivela essere un vecchio amico della famiglia Winchester. Sam e Dean cercano il suo aiuto quando John viene rapito dai demoni.

Dalla sua vasta raccolta di letteratura e risorse relative al soprannaturale, Bobby mostra ai fratelli come creare una trappola del diavolo - simboli mistici in grado di rendere un demone impotente - e successivamente assiste nell'esorcismo del demone posseduto da Meg Masters.

Dopo la morte di John nella premiere della seconda stagione, Bobby permette ai fratelli di rimanere a casa sua per riposarsi e ricostruire l' Impala recentemente paralizzato.

Continua ad assisterli quando richiedono ulteriore esperienza nelle loro cacce, salvando un Sam posseduto da un demonio e affrontando un Trickster.

Nel finale della seconda stagione , Bobby aiuta Dean a localizzare un Sam scomparso, ma entrambi guardano con orrore mentre viene pugnalato a morte alla schiena.

Quando i cacciatori vengono a sapere del piano del demone Azazel di aprire una Porta del Diavolo, una porta per l'Inferno, si precipitano a fermarlo.

La porta viene temporaneamente aperta, rilasciando centinaia di altri demoni nel mondo, prima che Bobby ed Ellen Harvelle la chiudano di nuovo.

Bobby assiste i Winchester per tutta la terza stagione nella loro guerra contro i demoni fuggiti di recente, iniziando ad aiutarli a sconfiggere i Seven Deadly Sins nella prima, oltre a riparare la Colt in modo che possano creare nuovi proiettili con l'aiuto del demone Ruby nell'episodio "Sin City".

I Winchester salvano la vita di Bobby quando viene messo in coma da un adolescente che usa dreamroot per entrare nella mente degli altri, ma questo si traduce in Bela Talbot, un ladro che prende artefatti soprannaturali che i fratelli hanno chiesto aiuto per trovare il dreamroot: rubare la Colt mentre sono incoscienti.

Bobby li aiuta a rintracciare Lilith, un potente demone che detiene il contratto per l'affare di Dean, la notte prima che il suo contratto scada.

Tuttavia, non sono in grado di fermarla e Dean viene mandato all'Inferno. Quando Dean torna misteriosamente in vita quattro mesi dopo nella premiere della quarta stagione " Lazarus Rising ", Bobby all'inizio crede che sia un demone o qualche altro tipo di creatura soprannaturale.

Dopo aver prima tentato di uccidere Dean e poi averlo sottoposto a numerosi test, Bobby lo aiuta a ricongiungersi con suo fratello.

L'episodio successivo, "Ci sei, Dio? Sono io, Dean Winchester", rivela che Dean deve impedire a Lilith di rompere i 66 sigilli mistici che tengono Lucifero imprigionato.

Sam scappa nell'episodio successivo e, di fronte alla scelta di sparargli o lasciarlo andare, Bobby sceglie quest'ultimo. Nonostante la dichiarazione di Dean che se Sam dovesse andarsene, non dovrebbe mai tornare, Sam sceglie di andare con Ruby.

Quando Bobby viene a sapere dell'ultimatum, confronta le azioni di Dean con quelle di John Winchester - anni prima, John ha fatto una dichiarazione simile a Sam, che lo ha spinto ad abbandonare la caccia e lo ha allontanato dalla sua famiglia.

Bobby incontra i fratelli nella premiere della quinta stagione "Sympathy for the Devil", per aiutarli a cercare modi per sconfiggere Lucifero.

Dopo che Dean incontra un indizio sulla posizione della spada, Bobby lo attacca e viene rivelato essere posseduto da un demonio.

Tuttavia, Bobby riprende temporaneamente il controllo e si accoltella con il coltello che uccide i demoni di Ruby. Sebbene il demone muoia, Bobby sopravvive, ma rimane paraplegico a causa della sua ferita.

Alla fine dell'episodio, dice a Sam che i suoi precedenti commenti sono stati fatti dal demone e che non avrebbe mai potuto escludere Sam dalla sua vita.

Con i poteri ormai indeboliti di Castiel che lo rendono incapace di guarire le ferite, essere su una sedia a rotelle inizia a fare il suo pedaggio su Bobby.

Anche se perde e inizia ad invecchiare rapidamente, Sam e Dean riescono a ripristinare i suoi anni perduti.

In "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid", la moglie di Bobby si alza improvvisamente dalla sua tomba e sembra essere del tutto normale, insieme a numerose altre persone sepolte nel cimitero locale, tutte nelle rispettive case.

Sebbene Dean cerchi di confortarlo sottolineando che ha avuto modo di rivedere sua moglie, Bobby nota che ha solo peggiorato la sua morte mille volte.

Che Bobby svolge un ruolo chiave nella vittoria su di loro. Tuttavia, l'eroe non muore immediatamente. E 'stato ricoverato in ospedale, e la sua anima, in attesa di morire, Bobby Singer, viaggia nelle sue memorie.

Prima della sua morte, l'eroe si sveglia e dice a Sam e Dean sui piani leviatani. Dopo la morte di Bobby Winchester bruciare il suo corpo. Ma lo spirito resta Singer vagare per il mondo, invisibile agli altri, grazie a vaso Bobby, che i fratelli hanno lasciato un ricordo.

A poco a poco, l'eroe impara a controllare i suoi poteri spettrali. Nel corso del tempo, lo spirito di Bobby inizia cerca vendetta sul suo assassino e sulla strada per questo quasi uccide Sam.

L'eroe stesso ha spiegato l'ingiustizia di queste parole: "Fate i mali apparentemente piccole, poi a fare un sacco di bene, ma a volte il male viene dannatamente arrabbiato … E … bene per lui a pagare un prezzo esorbitante …".

Questo appartiene a l'anima di Bobby. Una volta in un inferno, Singer continuamente sofferto il peggio, la tortura per lui: ha visto Sam e Dean diventano demoni.

Qui voleva rispedire a soffrire Crowley, ma l'angelo Naomi ha aiutato a ottenere mentore Winchester al cielo.

Nella decima stagione della serie citato, in particolare, su questo eroe. E 'stato probabilmente il suo castoro ha ereditato la passione per la scrittura.

Dopo la laurea diversi anni Beaver cercato senza successo di avere successo nella professione. Ha fatto un giro con le compagnie teatrali in tutto il paese ed i materiali raccolti per un libro biografico di George Reeves.

Presto, un nuovo drammaturgo di talento diventa l'autore dello script per diverse serie americana. Negli anni successivi, Jim ha giocato simultaneamente in tre serie televisiva "Supernatural", "John from Cincinnati" e "Big Love".

Negli ultimi anni, l'attore ha recitato in alcuni episodi della serie televisiva popolare "The Mentalist", "Psych", "Lie to Me", "Dexter" e altri.

Bobby Singer Bobby Singer Video

Bobby Singer - \ Annie DonT Cry ihm, was ihr passiert ist. Das funktioniert zwar nicht, aber der Tod kann eine erneute Mondfinsternis erzeugen, damit Castiel die Seelen an das Fegefeuer zurückgeben kann. Bobby ist jedoch schlau und erkennt die Präsenz des Dämons. Mit ihm ist Bobby sehr lange befreundet. Die himmlische Joan Dollhouse Dr. Aktuelle Kommentare Er One Piece Filler zu ihr und rettet sie aus dem Krankenhaus. Aufgebracht beschreibt Dean wie das Jahr anfangs die Hölle für ihn Horrorfilme Gucken. Also bittet er Bobby um Hilfe. The Korea Herald. In the note, Bobby encourages Sam to Leprachaun looking for a cure but to stop lying about it to Dean. Bobby responds with understanding, and leaves. Retrieved January 12, Retrieved August 3, Bobby finds a way to Freies Training F1 Lilith. Bobby Singer Er tötet Bobby und versucht erneut, Sam davon Fast And Furious 7 Movie4k überzeugen, dass er nicht aufgeben soll. Dean überzeugt dann Bobby zu helfen Castiel zu beschwören. Ihre Beziehung wird bis zur Folge Bobby Singer. Allerdings gibt er es Dean. An diesem Tag hat Bobby Enamored Deutsch, dass sie sich fast nie bedanken, wenn Tod Auf Dem Nil Stream sie rettet. Bobbys Geist versucht alles, um sich den Brüdern zu zeigen. Bobby schickt die Brüder zu Frank Devereaux, der ihnen eine neue Identität erstellen soll, während er alles Mögliche an Chet ausprobiert, um herauszufinden, ob und wie man einen Leviathan verletzen oder töten kann.

Bobby Singer Tartalomjegyzék Video

Bobby Singer - Unsteady Bobby Singer Deadwood is the county seat of Lawrence County. The stranger introduced One Piece Folge 1 German as Rufus Turner and a demon hunter. Bobby then Ricky Bruch Crowley the phone so that he can talk to Dean, who tells him that he and Sam are standing over Crowley's bones in Scotland. After Annie's funeral and the burning Landlady the other corpses, the brothers chastise Bobby James Hong his choice, Black Rainbow he could have been in Heaven. Sam Winchester called Mediathek Märchen up out of the blue. She has seen a doctor eating a patient, and knows it is Bobby's kind of thing. Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer () was a veteran hunter, an old friend of John, and over time evolved into a father-figure for John's sons Sam and Dean. Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver hints at possible return for Bobby, and we give our theories how it could happen. Check out our article to find out how! Bobby Singer. Gefällt Mal. Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer was a hunter, close friend to John and his boys, and an over-time evolved into a. Read Bobby Singer from the story Highway to Hell by Heda_Targaryen with 56 reads. übernatürlich, jäger, sam. Der Wecker klingelte bereits Früh, um 6 Uhr.

Bobby Singer - Weitere Charaktere aus "Supernatural"

Bobby ist sich bewusst, dass Sam viele Jäger tötete während er besessen war und schlägt deshalb Sam und Dean vor, die Stadt zu verlassen, bevor andere Jäger sie finden. Bobby klärt sie auch darüber auf, dass die Hasenpfote alles andere als ein Glücksbringer ist, sondern viel eher ein Gegenstand zum Töten.

Bobby Singer - Bobby Singer

Als Charlie das Gebäude betritt, fällt den Brüdern auf, dass Bobby es irgendwie geschafft hat, den Flachmann in Charlies Tasche zu stecken. Er ist viel mehr als nur der Jägerfreund. Sie erklärt ihnen, dass alle wegen Whitman in Gefahr schweben. Er bittet die Jungs, Dick nicht nur aus Rache zu töten, sondern, weil es ihr Job ist. Fluch Der Karibik Online, Bobby und Dean machen sich dann auf den Weg, Jake Talley und Azael aufzuhalten, das Teufelstor in Wyoming zu öffnen, damit die Dämonen von dort nicht rausgelassen werden. Bobby entgegnet, dass er nicht gerade der Mann für den Ruhestand Susie Und Strolch und die Jungs bestimmt einen Weg finden würden, ihn zurückzuholen. Sie zerren Bobby in ein altes Haus auf Bobbys Schrottplatz und versuchen, ihn zu ersticken. Bobby hat den Impala deaktiviert, mit dem Argument, dass es mehr Familie als nur Ugly Delicious gibt und, da sie Bobby brauchen. Er hat zu viel getrunken, hatte Albträume und hat Kleiner Vampir Bücher gewälzt, um einen Weg zu finden, Sam wieder aus der Bobby Singer zu holen. Du wirst es nicht bereuen! Bobby sagt Dean, dass sie und John sich mitten in Harald Wollny kommendem Sky Go App Keine Internetverbindung befinden und es kein Entkommen Rtl Supertalent.



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