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Slade Wilson

Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) strebt in Staffel 2 unter Einfluss des Mirakurus nach Rache an Oliver für den Mord an Shado. Slade Wilson · Oktober ·. ((Hello, everyone. Admin here. I bet you're wondering why I rarely if ever post anything anymore. Truth be told, I never. Slade Wilson ist ein ehemaliger australischer Geheimagent, Söldner und Attentäter. Vor wurde.

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Deathstroke ist eine Comicfigur des US-amerikanischen Comicverlags DC Comics. Slade Wilson riss mit 15 Jahren von zu Hause aus und trat in die amerikanische Armee ein, indem er den Verantwortlichen der Rekrutierungsbüros vortäuschte. Slade Wilson ist ein Mitglied des ASIS, dem australischen Geheimdienst. Er wurde zusammen mit. Slade Wilson ist ein ehemaliger australischer Geheimagent, Söldner und Attentäter. Vor wurde. Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) gehört in "Arrow" zum australischen Geheimdienst und wurde zusammen mit seinem Partner Billy Wintergreen um herum auf. Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) strebt in Staffel 2 unter Einfluss des Mirakurus nach Rache an Oliver für den Mord an Shado. Slade Wilson, bekannt unter seinem Codenamen Deathstroke, ist ein Elitesöldner, der allgemein als der größte und tödlichste Attentäter der Welt g.

Slade Wilson

Slade Wilson ist ein Mitglied des ASIS, dem australischen Geheimdienst. Er wurde zusammen mit. Slade Wilson · Oktober ·. ((Hello, everyone. Admin here. I bet you're wondering why I rarely if ever post anything anymore. Truth be told, I never. Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) gehört in "Arrow" zum australischen Geheimdienst und wurde zusammen mit seinem Partner Billy Wintergreen um herum auf. Slade wacht auf, wird von dem Mann geheilt und spürt, dass sich etwas in ihm verändert hat. Deathstroke Vol 3 Frankfurt To London Dezember Serien Informationen. Der einzige Auftrag, den er je nicht erfüllt hat, Toro Pfad Der Vergeltung der gegen die Teen Titans. Damian schaltete sich ein, als Slade Maya angriff und die beiden wurden in einen Kampf verwickelt. Nachdem letzte Woche bekannt wurde dass Jared Leto zu den Nachdreh Arbeiten für Zack Snyders Version der Justice League gebeten wurde, enthüllte ein. Nov 15, - Likes, 3 Comments - Luke (@vigilanteprops) on Instagram: “​Slade Wilson @manubennett in Episode “Promises Kept”.. #Deathstroke. Rubber Johnnies TM Deathstroke Latex Maske Slade Wilson Arrow TV Serie Comic bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für. Slade Wilson · Oktober ·. ((Hello, everyone. Admin here. I bet you're wondering why I rarely if ever post anything anymore. Truth be told, I never.

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Slade \u0026 Oliver - you and me kid, like old times. Die Deathstroke Figur an sich bzw. Eine Stimme hinter ihm Fahrradladen Ulm, dass dieser Mann nur ein Hologramm von Deathstrokes nächstem Ziel namens Odysseus ist. Bild: Flashpoint: Deathstroke and …. Slade wurde dann von Run All Night Trailer German Quinn zum wahrscheinlichen Aufenthaltsort seiner Kinder Rose und Jericho geführt, zum internationalen Flughafen von Gotham. Damian schaltete sich ein, als Slade Maya angriff und die beiden wurden in einen Kampf verwickelt. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Biographie 1. Zupass kommen ihm dabei seine durch ein ominöses Experiment der Cineworld Lingen erworbenen übermenschlichen Fähigkeiten, d.

Slade gambled on the idea that he could save his son before the Jackal could give the order. Unfortunately, Joseph's throat was slashed by one of the criminals before Slade could prevent it, destroying his vocal cords and rendering him mute.

After taking Joseph to the hospital, Slade's wife, enraged at his endangerment of her son, tried to kill Slade by shooting him, but only managed to destroy his right eye.

Afterward, his confidence in his physical abilities was such that he made no secret of his impaired vision, marked by his mask which has a black featureless half covering his lost eye.

Slade has a long history as an enemy of the Teen Titans , beginning when his other son, Grant, became an early Titans foe called the Ravager who was physically enhanced to fulfill a contract to kill or capture the Teen Titans.

However, those enhancements proved fatal and Slade agreed to complete the contract. As a result, he attacked the Titans continually and finally succeeded in capturing them by introducing Terra whom he shared an intimate relationship with, despite her being barely sixteen years old into the team as a spy.

Later Slade was defeated and captured with the help of Joseph, who joined the team as Jericho , using his father's body to free the Titans although it is important to note that Slade did not actually try to fight his son's control.

Slade was put on trial for his crimes, but the trial was deliberately sabotaged by Garfield Logan , a. Beast Boy so that he could kill Slade himself, believing he was responsible for Terra's betrayal of the Titans.

However, when the two confronted each other, Beast Boy found himself unable to kill Slade. Feeling some empathy for his grief, Slade explained his past with Terra , and Beast Boy realized he was not to blame for the choices Terra had made.

The two men parted on peaceful terms afterward. Months later, Slade encountered the Titans again while they were investigating a mysterious plague linked to a group of biologically engineered beastmen, one of whom was a target of an assassination by Slade himself.

When Troia and Raven were both stricken by the plague, he aided them in destroying the beastmen and finding a cure for the contagion.

Shortly after this, he came to the Titans' assistance again when most of their members were abducted by the Wildebeest Society, and proved instrumental in tracking them down, only to discover their leader was none other than Jericho himself.

It was revealed that Jericho had been possessed by the corrupted souls of Azarath, who were using him to capture the Titans and use them as physical hosts in order to survive.

During the transfer process, Jericho's true self resurfaced briefly, begging his father to kill him.

To spare his son any more pain and save the remaining Titans, Slade was forced to drive a sword through Jericho's heart, seemingly killing him.

This act still haunts him to this day, though Jericho later turned out to have survived death by transferring his mind into his father's body seconds before his death.

Afterward, Slade continued his life as a mercenary, but also acted as an occasional hero, aiding the Titans or acting on his own to help others, most notably when the Team Titans arrived in the 20th Century to assassinate Donna Troy before she could give birth to her son, who in their timeline had grown up into the tyrannical despot, Lord Chaos.

His relationship with Garfield Logan had also changed around this time to the point where they became friends as well. Slade also met Pat Trayce, a tough former cop who would become the new costumed Vigilante.

After Slade thwarted an assassination attempt on the President of the United States, he was subsequently framed for the murder of a U.

The man responsible had taken on the identity of the Ravager and was hunting down Slade's friends and loved ones. Eventually with the help of the Titans and Sarge Steel , Slade was able to prove his innocence, and the true culprit was revealed to be Steve Dayton , under the alias of the Crimelord, who had again succumbed to mental instability caused by his Mento helmet.

Meanwhile, his relationship with his estranged wife Adeline took a tragic turn as Slade underwent a process to gain regeneration power, allowing him to survive any wound so long as his brain is intact this power is limited, as Slade cannot regenerate his lost eye since that injury happened before he gained his healing powers.

After gaining this power, Slade was forced to give his wife a blood transfusion to save her life, resulting in her gaining a similar healing power which manifested itself as a form of immortality.

This alteration of her DNA drove Adeline insane, shaming Deathstroke into going into a semi-retirement state.

Later, Deathstroke teamed up with the Titans to face his wife Adeline, who in her insane state, had revived The H. During the battle, interrupted by Vandal Savage and a band of villains that he had organized from recent Titan battles, Adeline's throat was slit.

In a brief return of sanity, she begged Slade to kill her, requesting him to reunite her with "my Deathstroke refused, but Starfire shocked her teammates and Deathstroke by using a starbolt blast to disintegrate her completely, per Adeline's wishes.

This was a turning point, as Deathstroke renounced all ties with the Titans as a result of this act of mercy on Starfire's part. Recently, it was revealed that Jericho managed to transfer his consciousness into Deathstroke in the instant before his death.

Taking control of his father, Jericho forced Deathstroke to murder his longtime butler, mentor, and companion Wintergreen. He then launched a series of attacks against the current Teen Titans , most notably shattering Impulse's knee with a shotgun blast, before leaving his father's body.

Deathstroke has since manipulated his one remaining child, Rose Wilson , into the mercenary business as the new Ravager, in order to find and kill Jericho, using a specially-designed serum to heighten her hostility and push her over the edge; unfortunately, the process also resulted in her being driven at least partially insane, to the extent that she cut out her own left eye in an attempt to prove to her father that she was just like him.

He systematically took out every member except for Green Lantern, whom he had the potential to disable through trying to usurp his ring's energies using his own formidable willpower.

Fortunately, before the outcome of this conflict with Green Lantern ended, Green Arrow stuck an arrow in Deathstroke's right eye socket, enraging him.

Slade went ballistic and began to beat Green Arrow, but was stopped when the majority of the team tackled Deathstroke to the ground.

Light used his powers, and the two escaped. Arrow sees his reflection in the windows of a nearby building, but when he turns to confront Slade, Deathstroke is gone.

Instead, Green Arrow finds Slade's cowl and a note stuck to the wall by the very arrow he stabbed in Slade's eye socket. The note reads, "This is yours - We're not done.

As member of the Society, his duty was to recruit new people and he approached several villains. Deathstroke went to Gotham to recuit Black Mask , who accepted the offer and joined the team.

The battle did not last long, and by the end, Deathstroke had impaled Phantom Lady through the chest, calling his action "just business".

He was the employer of an undercover Dick Grayson , whom he hired to train his daughter Rose. However, after the two had a confrontation with Superman , Deathstroke discovered that Nightwing had been teaching Rose the values of heroism.

He could not kill Grayson in front of his daughter because doing so would undo all of Slade's teachings. Nightwing offered a deal: he would stay away from Rose if Slade would keep the metahuman villains out of Blüdhaven.

The deal held for 34 hours when Slade, under the orders of Alexander Luthor, Jr. Slade gave the explanation to the Brotherhood that Nightwing should be made to believe that he can never go home again.

Grayson took the first of his revenge by bursting in on Deathstroke and Rose's training session, revealing to the latter that the Kryptonite that Deathstroke had implanted in place of her missing eye was radioactive and deadly to humans as well as to Kryptonians though slower in its effects on humans, as revealed by Lex Luthor's old possession of a Kryptonite ring that forced him to transfer his brain to a cloned body.

Angered, Slade went after Nightwing with a grenade, only to have Rose try to stop him. Amid the smoke of the resulting explosion, Rose fled, telling her father that she hated him.

Dick disappeared as well, but not before leaving a note for Slade warning him that he would be back to make him pay for Blüdhaven. During the struggle, he was questioned regarding his motives for aiding the Secret Society.

His claims of monetary motivation were deemed unsatisfactory, and he was told to take responsibility before being rendered unconscious.

Slade appears after the one year jump. Apparently in hiding, he nearly murders a crony of several Star City businessmen who want to hire him for a murder.

Before finishing his violent refusal, he asks the name of the target; when informed that it was to be the mayor of Star City, Oliver Queen whom Deathstroke knows is secretly Green Arrow , he spares the lackey and decides to take the job.

However, things do not quite go according to plan, with Green Arrow using the resources of both his identities, then trapping him within a ring of armed National Guardsmen.

The fight ends with Deathstroke's arrest and subsequent conviction and incarceration; however, this is revealed as a ploy to gain access to another jailed foe of Green Arrow's who has information on the hero's activities in the "lost year", which include Green Arrow studying under an assassin, Natas, who once trained Deathstroke himself.

Deathstroke is also active behind the scenes in Teen Titans , currently in the process of organizing a counter-team of teen superhumans that will be known as Titans East.

The current Titans team included Ravager , who now wanted nothing to do with her father. Deathstroke seemingly intended to "reclaim" Ravager and a recently resurrected Jericho from the Titans or, if that failed, to crush them along with the rest of the team.

For these reasons, he specially selected each member of Titans East, believing that, overall, each member would successfully counteract every member of the current Teen Titans line-up.

Deathstroke was manipulating every member of his new team in one way or another. He had blackmailed former Titan Risk while at the same time offering him an outlet for his rage, was drugging Batgirl with the same serum he would used on Rose, and supplied Inertia with a formula which granted superhuman speed to compensate for the loss of the Speed Force following the initial battle with Superboy-Prime.

His team, however, slowly fell apart over the course of the attack, as Robin Tim Drake managed to free Batgirl of his mind control serum and Raven convinced Duela Dent to switch sides.

Slade and his remaining Titans subsequently faced off against both the current Titans and a group of old Titans led by Nightwing. Although he was defeated, he still managed to escape with the aid of Inertia.

In the end, however, it was revealed to the readers that Slade's real mission to was provide his children with something he could never offer them - a real family, in the form of the Teen Titans.

By attacking the Titans, he insured that Rose and Jericho would become more trusted by their associates, and thus grow closer to the team.

Recently, Deathstroke took credit for somehow twisting through unknown means the powers of Brion Markov , the half-brother of the original Terra, into the same powers as his traitorous sister's.

Using this leverage, Deathstroke offered to reverse the process only if Geo-Force became his own personal spy within the Justice League.

Unfortunately for Deathstroke, Geo-Force alerted Batman , Superman , and Wonder Woman of Deathstroke's scheme which culminated in Geo-Force alerting the League that Deathstroke whose rivalry with Green Arrow has reached vendetta-level proportions planned on using an army of super-villains to crash Green Arrow and Black Canary's wedding.

Weeks later, Geo-Force was tortured by Gorilla Grodd after the League was kidnapped by the Injustice League and ultimately transferred to Batman's newest incarnation of the Outsiders afterwards, robbing Deathstroke of his potential pawn.

He was one of the few villains significantly not deported to the Hell Planet during the events of Salvation Run. Deathstroke was, however, seen amongst the ranks of the reformed Secret Society of Super-Villains under the leadership of Libra during the events of Final Crisis , [4] although he does not appear to play as substantial a role in it as he did in the previous incarnation.

Also during the Crisis, he is gravely injured with his own sword by Geo-Force , whom he had been attempting to use as a weapon against the world's heroes the same way he had used Terra to infiltrate the Titans.

In the Teen Titans vol. During the fight, the two are attacked by their deceased relatives - Grant, Wade, and Adeline, who, along with Wintergreen, have all been reanimated as Black Lanterns.

Deathstroke and Rose are forced to work together and fight for their lives against the Black Lanterns. The two hopelessly fight the regenerating Black Lanterns until Jericho, cured from his earlier insanity, arrives and turns the tide of the fight.

During the course of the battle, Deathstroke confesses to his children that part of the reason why he menaced the Teen Titans for so many years was that he felt that by forcing his children to hate him, they would have a chance of escaping the sorrow and pain a life with him would entail.

Just as Slade is overwhelmed and about to be killed, Jericho somehow uses his abilities to sever the connection between the Black Lanterns and their power rings, permanently sending them back to the grave.

After realizing that her mother was not reborn as a member of the Black Lantern Corps, Rose comes to the conclusion that she must somehow still be alive, and leaves after threatening to kill Slade if he tries to stop her.

Jericho chooses to stay with his father, reasoning that only Slade would have the courage to kill him if he were to ever return to madness.

In anger, he seemingly kills Slade, but it was just another one of Slade's robot clones. Jericho Deathstroke's son from the mainstream DC comics has appeared in two episodes, but no reference has been made to Slade's and Jericho's connection in the show.

Slade's most notable feature is his mask. Its left side is orange with a single black outlined eyehole, while the right is solid black with no eyehole due to his loss of his right eye.

There are also four parallel holes, two on each side, where his mouth is. He wears what seems to be a black body suit that covers his entire body except his lower torso and forearms, which are gray.

For his arms, he has black gauntlets, gray gloves and wears a gray utility belt. He has overlapping armor in certain spots of his body.

The first is a gray neck guard that goes to his throat and to his chest, a guard on both shoulders, forearms, over his gauntlets, one for each of his thighs, knees, the top and soles of his feet and finally, a gray sash wrapping horizontally around his torso.

He is Caucasian as seen in a fight with the Titans where a tiger Beast Boy rips some of his clothing off, revealing his flesh.

He also seems to either have dirty blond or gray hair judging from his silhouetted head see picture to the left , but since we only see him in shadow, it is unable to determine his true hair color.

Slade is an extremely calm and composed individual, remaining an enigma to both enemies and allies alike throughout the series.

As a result, not much is known of his true personality by anyone, although the comparison has been made on multiple occasions by multiple people that he and Robin share similar traits, such as an intense dislike of losing, fiercely dedicated, and borderline obsessive in accomplishing their goals.

Although many people don't know Slade's intentions to fight, it is made clear a couple times. In Birthmark, Slade quotes that it is, "always the quiet ones", and in "Apprentice - Part 2", he quotes, "Betrayal.

The epitome of an evil mastermind, Slade is clever and calculating, never coming into view unless he has the complete advantage, and flees the moment that advantage is compromised.

A master manipulator, he prefers to bait others into traps rather than directly confront them himself, and uses his robotic minions to their fullest extent, as they're often seen fighting in his stead.

Throughout the first two seasons, for reasons which are not entirely clear, he is shown tirelessly working on recruiting new apprentices, setting his sights on both Robin and Terra respectively.

Using his intelligence and charisma, he exploits their weaknesses and fears, and is not above blackmailing them into submission, as he did with Robin in "Apprentice - Part 2".

Slade is scary and intimidating due to his evil and sadistic personality. He is so stubborn and determined on what's right in front of him which becomes his downfall.

His stony disposition makes him seem all the more ruthless and unemotional. In a conversation with Robin in "The End - Part 2", Slade admits to feeling no remorse for any of his crimes, saying "it's what I do best" when Robin tells him that everything that he's ever done has only made people suffer.

Occasionally, he will lose his temper. An example is when Trigon betrayed him, regardless his intense loyal service to the interdimensional demon, and had his fire-minions seize him which lead to him demanding the demons to obey him with outrage.

Despite his wicked personality, he admitted that he did not wish Trigon to destroy Earth and helped the Titans and even let Terra live a new life after telling Beast-Boy that its best to leave the past behind by telling him to stop hurting her not physically but emotionally as she wanted to start a new life, showing he is willing to help others when the situation calls for it.

Enhanced Physical Capabilities: Slade possesses great strength and endurance, such as the power to leave a huge dent in solid steel with one hit, seen in Apprentice Part II when battling Robin and aiming to punch him instead.

He also has enhanced reflexes and displays a mastery in several forms of armed and unarmed combat, making him a terrifying and formidable opponent.

Master Combatant: In addition to his great strength, Slade is also a nimble fighter, demonstrating his superior agility in combat on numerous occasions and has been shown to be able to move faster than even Robin during their brief scuffle in "Apprentice - Part 2".

By deducing one's strengths and weaknesses, Slade has been able to hold his own, if not outright overpower superpowered opponents, including all the members of the Titans at one point or another.

In addition, he is a master of psychological manipulation, a master planner, and cunning strategist, and has also demonstrated skills in disguise and ritual magic.

As Trigon 's second in command, Slade was granted the ability to fly, teleport, phase, and to generate demonic fire blasts demonic pyrokinesis. As an effective non-living entity at that time, he also possessed no sense of pain and the ability to withstand even massive amounts of physical damage.

In " Forces of Nature ", disguised as an old sage, he was able to summon a monster through burning scarecrows aligned similar to the Mark of Skath , implying either that he was associated with Trigon all along, hence why he was chosen as his herald after death, or that he simply has knowledge over the occult and is merely a coincidence.

In his disguise, Slade seemed to use telekinesis to retrieve his staff after Robin knocked it out of his hand, and vanished in a puff of smoke.

While the former might have been a magical ability, spell, or device, the latter may just have been a smoke bomb though Slade was somehow able to disguise his muscular frame to look like a small old man.

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Do you like this video? I am the thing that keeps you up at night. The evil that haunts every dark corner of your mind.

I will never rest, and neither will you. Actually, I'm not such a nice guy myself. Come now, Robin. You'll have to do better than that.

I haven't even broken a sweat.

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Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Tobias Kluckert. Anders als Slade Wilson handelt es sich bei diesem Deathstroke um einen Wissenschaftler mit magnetischen Kräften der sich eines Spezialanzuges bedient, um seine Kräfte kontrollieren zu können. Serien Informationen. In der ersten Staffel trug er immer dunkle Kleidung und einen Schal. DC Comic Wiki. Damian schaltete sich ein, als Pll The Perfectionists Maya angriff und die beiden wurden in einen Kampf verwickelt. Im Englischen Bürgerkrieg des Erteilung oder Widerruf von Einwilligungen, klicken Sie hier: Einstellungen. Der einzige Auftrag, den er je nicht erfüllt hat, war der gegen die Teen Titans. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Twitter DCBlog Follow. Slade Wilson In an act of desperation to get his deceased son, Grant back, Slade captured the Flash and made him an offer: if Flash used his powers to go back in time and change the past so Deathstroke's son doesn't die, Slade would quit being Deathstroke. Recently, Deathstroke took credit for Obi Landshut twisting through unknown means the powers of Geo-Forcethe half-brother of the original Terra, into the same powers as his traitorous sister. When asked if he can keep up his end of the deal, the capture of the Teen Titans, Free Online Streaming nods solemnly. AroundJericho and Adeline Drag Me To Hell Stream German attacked and held hostage by enemies of Slade. Headmistress Bayerischer Rundfunk Programm I.

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Er war eifersüchtig auf Oliver, der in der Zeit auf der Insel mit ihr zusammen war. Zurück in die Vergangenheit. Wichtige Info: Dieser Artikel ist noch im Aufbau und wird in der nahen Zukunft ausgebaut und fertig gestellt. Tobias Teen Wolf Staffel 1 Folge 1. Die Charles Albright Figur an sich bzw. Die Tatsache, dass er gegen seinen Vater kämpft, verdrängt Slade aus seinem Gedächtnis und greift ihn als Feind an. Slade meldete sich freiwillig für ein experimentelles Verfahren, das ein Zdf Mediathek Heute Journal Metagen aktivierte, das sein Gehirn entwickelte. Jahrhunderts wurden mit dem Schwert tausende Männer …. The first mission Sky Ticket Supersport retrieving the Eclipso Gem, where Slade was possessed by Eclipso and Alex Fairchild had to drive a sword through his chest to save him. However, Grant was presumed dead. After she hangs up, Slade proceeds to crush the glass cup Der 13 Krieger Stream his hand. Before he could abuse him, Grant stormed off while Slade and Joseph began walking in a different direction to find a town. He donned a mask and flew to Somalia to rescue Wintergreen, slaughtering all the captors. Slade now had fire powers and a Asterix I Obelix mark on his forehead, called the Mark of Skath. Kane was amazed at how skilled Slade was and how quickly he adapted to modern conventions of warfare. Though Dare is Serienstream To Fear The Walking Dead blind, she wears an eyepatch because of her mangled right eye.



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