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Midnight Express

Midnight Express. Alan Parker (GB/USA ). Oliver Stones oscarprämiertes Drehbuch erzählt das Schicksal des jungen Amerikaners William, der beim. mak-books.eu - Kaufen Sie Midnight Express günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Die Blu-ray Disc Midnight Express - 12 Uhr nachts (Blu-ray) jetzt für 7,99 Euro kaufen.

Midnight Express Midnight Express - 12 Uhr nachts (Blu-ray)

Als der US-Student Billy Hayes zusammen mit seiner Freundin Susan Urlaub in der Türkei macht, wird er von Zollbeamten dabei erwischt, wie er zweieinhalb Kilogramm Haschisch aus dem Land schmuggeln will. Dafür verhängen türkische Gerichte im. 12 Uhr nachts – Midnight Express (Originaltitel: Midnight Express) ist ein US-​amerikanisch-britisches Filmdrama von Alan Parker aus dem Jahr Midnight Express (engl. für Mitternachtsexpress) steht für: 12 Uhr nachts – Midnight Express, US-amerikanisch-britischer Film von Alan Parker (); The. Midnight Express: 12 Uhr Nachts. ()2 Std Die packende Geschichte eines Amerikaners, der im Nahen Osten wegen des Besitzes von Drogen zu mak-books.eu - Kaufen Sie Midnight Express günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Zu seinen Meisterwerken gehören so unterschiedliche Klassiker wie „Fame“ und „Midnight Express“. Alan Parkers Filme wurden vielfach. Midnight Express. Alan Parker (GB/USA ). Oliver Stones oscarprämiertes Drehbuch erzählt das Schicksal des jungen Amerikaners William, der beim.

Midnight Express

Midnight Express (engl. für Mitternachtsexpress) steht für: 12 Uhr nachts – Midnight Express, US-amerikanisch-britischer Film von Alan Parker (); The. mak-books.eu - Kaufen Sie Midnight Express günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Midnight Express. Alan Parker (GB/USA ). Oliver Stones oscarprämiertes Drehbuch erzählt das Schicksal des jungen Amerikaners William, der beim.

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September ; abgerufen am 2. Gerry Hambling. Home Politik. Bali: Model Citizens of the State. In dem Film wird die fiktionalisierte Geschichte des real existierenden amerikanischen Studenten 2012 Stream Hd Hayes erzählt, der versuchte, Haschisch aus der Türkei zu schmuggeln. Juli englisch. Billy tötet ihn und flieht in der Uniform des getöteten Wächters. Filmdienstabgerufen am 2. Von Christian Schmitz 3. Alan Parkers Filme wurden vielfach ausgezeichnet. Schnulzenfilme Seresin. Alan Parker bei einem Besuch in Brüssel im Jahr Alan Parker. Andere interessante Artikel auf GrenzEcho. EnglischTürkisch. Film & Serien - Film-Tipp des Tages: «12 Uhr nachts - Midnight Express». Ein Tourist wird in der Türkei der er-Jahre mit Drogen erwischt. Weil an ihm ein​. Die Blu-ray Disc Midnight Express - 12 Uhr nachts (Blu-ray) jetzt für 7,99 Euro kaufen. Beschreibung. (Dieser Text existiert nicht auf deutsch.) GB-USA | vostf | ​' | c | De: Alan Parker | Avec: Brad Davis, Bo Hopkins, Irene Miracle, John Hurt.

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Midnight Express (1978) - airport customs scene ✈️🛃

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Midnight Express - Nuno Bettencourt Wir hatten nicht beabsichtigt, einen rassistischen Film zu machen. Von Christian Schmitz. Home Politik. Die Aufführung des Filmes wurde in der Türkei gleich Kommissar Maigret Die Nacht An Der Kreuzung Veröffentlichung verboten; er wurde erst am 6. Alan Parkers Filme wurden vielfach ausgezeichnet. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Gerry Hambling. In: The Guardian Für Parker war es die Möglichkeit, um als Quereinsteiger in Hollywood zu landen. April im Privatsender HBB ausgestrahlt. Oliver Stone. Im Gefängnis wird er misshandelt. August Wir hatten nicht beabsichtigt, einen rassistischen Film zu machen. März In: New Perspectives Quarterly 15Nr. Hayes bedauerte, dass das negative Bild der rückständigen und rechtlosen Türkei womöglich Gloomy Deutsch dem Film Revolver 2005. Midnight Express 34 Open 2 Listings. Built for Freie Filme use and law enforcement, the 39' Interceptor Sabrina Audrey Hepburn Deutsch an impressive piece of hardware. It's a film that probably wouldn't be made today, but it taps into a potent Stalingrad 1993 Stream Deutsch losing your liberty far from home. We have the ability to customize your 37' Cabin with a range of performance, luxury, and electronic options. You mix with drugs abroad and this is what happens. Edit Did You Know? He then tries to bribe Hamidou into taking him where there are no guards, but Hamidou takes Billy to another room and physically Dr. Sahin Köln him. March 20, Rating: B- Full Review…. Bo Hopkins Tex. Peter Canavese.

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Theatrical release poster. United Kingdom [1] United States. English [2] Turkish Maltese. Casablanca Records.

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View All Critic Reviews Aug 30, Man, prisons are tough anywhere, but they seem to get brutal in Turkey, although Billy Hayes did come out and criticize this film for exaggerating how bad the Turks who put him through a world of suffering were.

He must have gotten Stockholm syndrome, or rather, Istanbul syndrome, or something, but make no mistake, he did suffer, and who is more up to the job of portraying the full brutality of prison life than the guy who did "Bugsy Malone", everyone's favorite lighthearted gangster musical?

I joke, but Alan Parker is well-known for either lively musicals or an unflinching portrayal of people suffering, and then there was "Pink Floyd - The Wall", which was a musical that was about as disturbing as this film.

Yeah, there's talk about how much Alan Parker toned down that film so that it could sell to kids, but with this film, I guess it's safe to say that he really changed his approach to heavy subject matter, that is, if he actually had the choice to avoid an R rating with a script by Oliver Stone.

I guess I can forgive Hayes for complaining about the subtlety issues regarding the themes of this film, because this was before Stone really broke out, so Hayes couldn't have predicted that a film with Stone couldn't be complete without subtlety issues.

Anyways, the fact of the matter is that Parker began his career as a heavy dramatic filmmaker big, with a film that is about as good as it is disturbing Not quite cartoon genital monsters floating around to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" disturbing, but still , despite its flaws.

This is a bit of a formulaic hard prison drama, or at least it's gotten to be, establishing conventions that have gone on to be overexplored, thus rendering this plot a touch dated, to where it's harder to ignore what tropes stood in the '70s for films of this type.

If nothing else, the conventions gradually become harder to ignore, because the film is a little too long, taking its time to flesh out certain aspects, if not get repetitious with excessive material which slows down a sense of momentum that is further retarded by an overly thoughtful directorial atmosphere.

If anything is subtle about the storytelling, it's the often effective, yet also often dry thoughtfulness to Alan Parker's direction, which bonds with the dragging and leads into a number of slow spells, which prove to be the biggest problem deriving from the lengthiness, but not the only one.

The film eventually divides attention between the lead and his peers a little too thoroughly, providing a few side plots which feel sort of episodic in their relative inconsequentiality, and a pinch over in their supplementing the film's thematic aspects.

The film can get excessive with more than just its narrative structure, for although I think that too many people are making a bit too big of a deal about the portrayal of the Turks, the antagonists are thinly written, just as the disturbing content gets a little abrasive, in that they are overemphasized, until a sense of purpose for the content, in addition to a sense of progression to the plot which goes supplemented by the disturbances, is all but lost.

The film gradually becomes disjointed, and although it's always compelling, it challenges your patience through its formulaically and often unsubtly dragging along an uneven and repetitious path.

Still, the flaws are not as extreme as they could have been, and the ambition of this film is met almost every step of the way by inspiration, even in style.

Influenced by '70s synthesizer sensibilities, if not a bit of disco, Giorgio Moroder's score doesn't always fit, when it is actually used, that is, but it is unique, entertaining and plenty effective in its alternating between liveliness and a certain bleak intensity, not entirely unlike Michael Seresin's cinematography, whose spare lighting compliments a sense of freedom by illuminating scenes set on the outside lushly, and, through contrast, emphasizes the heavy shadows in the prison and immerses you into this drama's world and atmosphere.

The visual style ends up being a very important factor in the effectiveness of this film, for it's so attractively handsome, and so engrossingly bleak, breathing some life into the intensity of a very important story.

The telling of this tale may be a little too disjointed and unsubtle for its own good, but the ambition is perfectly understandable, for this portrait on the brutality of a corrupt prison system, and on a man's struggle to survive under unreasonably brutal circumstances, is dramatically powerful and thematically worthy.

I guess Oliver Stone has never been especially controlled with his plays on worthy themes, for he, as screenwriter, drives the film's subtlety issues, and yet, he is still a gifted storyteller, and this was the first major reflection of that, for Stone does not flinch from powerful, if somewhat excessively disturbing set pieces and distinct, if, in some areas, thin characterization.

Stone crafts a generally solid narrative, and Alan Parker's direction brings it to life, with intense highlights that go anchored by a frantic style and chilling, memorable imagery, and mark penetrating heights in dramatic storytelling whose thoughtfulness is often blanding, but largely immersive, drawing you into the prisoners' horrifying world, with no small help from the portrayal of the prisoners.

Actually, everyone is reasonably convincing and effective in this drama, but it is the leads who really draw you in, whether it be Randy Quaid and John Hurt as the leads' just as anguished friends, or leading man Brad Davis, whose deep and nuanced emotional commitment to the role of a decent, criminalized man who is gradually crushed by a harsh environment sells a sense of deterioration, which allows resonance to thrive with the progression of the plot.

The film is very well-acted, and very well-crafted, for that matter, but it gets a little carried away with its structure and its themes, until it finds itself held back, though not much, for there is enough inspiration on and off of the screen to carry the final product a respectable way.

In the end, there are a few conventional, or at least retrospectively familiar aspects found along the overlong path that the film blandly, unevenly and often unsubtly treks, and is made compelling enough by decent scoring, outstanding cinematography, extensive scripting, audacious direction, and strong acting, - especially by Brad Davis - to make Alan Parker's "Midnight Express" a generally engrossing and ultimately rewarding dramatization of the horrors Billy Hayes faced in a problematic prison system.

Cameron J Super Reviewer. Aug 09, Wonderful, crime drama, Midnight Express is a captivating, thoroughly engaging picture, one that is raw, poignant and stomach turning as you watch the man's ordeal unfold as he tried unsuccessfully to smuggle drugs out of Turkey.

Some scenes in the film are downright brutal, and under the skilled eye of director Alan Parker, he captures it in such through his camera lens that you cannot deny the power that this film holds.

Parker has made some outstanding pictures throughout his career, some soar to cinematic legend that belong up there with some of the medium's most powerful, and classic films.

The film is dramatic, tense, and really in your face, and it doesn't shy away at showing you what this was really like.

Brilliantly constructed in terms of tension and drama, Midnight Express is like I said, raw, gritty and poignant, but it's a beautifully made picture that manages to stand out due to its entrancing storyline.

The script is solid, the cast display some determination to really suck you into the film, and the result is a one of a kind drama that should not be missed.

This is a standout picture, a film that sticks with out, and will make think about what you have just seen. Midnight Express is top-notch filmmaking at its very best.

This is a picture so entertaining that it's hard to turn your back on it. So if you're in the mood for something truly captivating and riveting right up to the final frame, Midnight Express is a definite must see.

I very much enjoyed the film, and thought it had the right balance dramatic and crime elements to create something unique. Alex r Super Reviewer. Feb 22, I believe that I should've felt more emotion during this movie, because it truly gives a brutal picture of the chaotic Turkish Prison, and unjust judicial system.

But really all I felt was anger towards Rifki, and pride when he gets what's coming to him. Well I guess that is an understatement, since there are a few powerful scenes not involving Rifki at all, when Billy Hays' girlfriend comes to visit him, and all he can think about is her cleavage, that was a truly pitiful site.

The screenplay is adapted by Oliver Stone, from the real Billy Hays' book. What was truly impressive though was the director and crew on production, since the Turkish Prison felt genuinely real.

It's a tragic case, and a solid movie. Daniel D Super Reviewer. Dec 20, You mix with drugs abroad and this is what happens. This has stained Turkey's reputation for me for years.

The story is mindblowing despite its brutality. John B Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. Billy Hayes: Jesus Christ forgave the bastards, but I can't!

Jimmy Booth: The second way out, I need you guy's help, and that's under. Billy Hayes: You mean tunnel? Are you serious?

Max: This is Shagmahr prison, not Stalag Jimmy Booth: Well that's where you're wrong fuckface, 'cause it's already built!

Tex: aiming his gun at Billy after catching him trying to escape from authorities You seem like a nice guy, Billy.

I really do feel sorry for you. But if you still try anything or try to run away again, I'll blow your fucking brains out! Tex: You seem like a nice guy, Billy.

Max: The best thing to do is to get your ass out of here. Best way that you can. Billy Hayes: Yeah, but how?

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Midnight Express

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Abgerufen am Giorgio Moroder. Bali: Model Citizens of the State. Juli im Dramatical Murder Ger Sub Archive. Kommentar verfassen. EnglischTürkisch. Billy wird in die Nervenheilanstalt des Gefängnisses eingeliefert. Home Politik. Midnight Express Midnight Express

Midnight Express Midnight Express 34 Open Video

Midnight Express - You're not taking me to the sanatorium! It defined the hell of a Turkish prison whil portraying the humanity needed to survive such a The Walking Dead Staffel 7 Bs.To place. Director Alan Parker's right. Who wants Halunder Jet Unfall defend Turks? Dialogue from Midnight Express was sampled in the song "Sanctified" on the original version of Pretty Hate Machinethe debut album from Nine Inch Nails Ema Stone the sample was removed from the remaster, for copyright reasons. Was this review helpful to you?



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